I’m often asked about my motivation for creating The Promise Box, and why I’m on a mission to equip and empower leaders with the building blocks of resilience to overcome challenges, increase confidence and thrive.

Well, imagine a young woman gasping for air as she wrestles her boyfriend. He begins to choke her, seconds after his temper exploded. He is on a mission to kill her, so she will not have the chance to escape. They continue to fight back and forth. Then, she stopped moving... That was my reality November 2007. 

Fortunately, I escaped after regaining consciousness and never turned back. I have no clue how long I was out. A few days after that fight, I made a promise to God that I would spend the rest of my time on earth identifying my life’s calling. 


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The road to recovery would be extremely difficult for many reasons. My Mom and I had a very dysfunctional relationship then. My Dad was absent. My siblings and I didn't get along. I questioned where my support would come from and if I was strong enough to move forward. I struggled with belonging.

Since then, I envisioned a world where people could thrive and live in their strengths by cultivating their resilience. Learning how to harness our talents, strengths and reclaiming our joy helps us to live abundantly. 

The Promise Box, LLC was birthed out of this low moment in my life. These days, you can find me traveling across the country to share my personal story of resilience, courage and faith, while inspiring and equipping listeners to bounce back gracefully.

Organizations can engage with us through our resilience and efficacy training, coaching programs, work-life cooperation workshops and keynote speaking engagements. We'll help organizations create a thriving workplace culture, where employees lead with their strengths. 

Thank you for believing in our work and supporting The Promise Box community! Together, we can harness our strengths, cultivate resilience and thrive.

P.S. I'm happily married to my soul mate, Wes. Yes, you can experience true joy again.

Filled with promise,




Keynote Speaker | Human Capital Executive | Chief Organization Designer

Our Mission

Harness your strengths. Cultivate resilience.

We deliver evidence-based keynotes, coaching programs, workshops and strengths-based services to create thriving workplaces and college campuses.